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Thekkedy Wildlife :

In the dense tropical evergreen and deciduous forests and grassland patches is located the Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary.

Home to a microcosm of India's bird population with about 500 winged species, the sanctuary was designed by Dr. Salim Ali, the renowned ornithologist.

This bird sanctuary, a peninsular land of 25 sq. km is covered with deciduous forests and plantation of rosewood, teak etc.

Rare birds like the Crimson-Throated Barbet, Bee-eater, Sunbird, Shrike, Blackwinged Kite and the Night Heron are also commonly sighted.

This rare haven offers picturesque landscapes, and is a nature lover's paradise. Bombay Natural History Society has identified 253 species here.

The rivers are rich in fishlife and are shallow for most of the year.


Air: Nearest airport is at Kochi, 71 kms.

Rail: Aluva is the nearest railway station , 48 kms.

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